The Write Stuff

was designed by author Lisa Ann Gallagher, author of 4+ works of fiction and non-fiction.

We partner with many other authors across North America who are committed to helping struggling writers create, finish and share their stories.

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Story Inspiration and Genre

Get inspired to create your story and find the motivation you need to develop your writing talents. Plus, discover the Genre, SubGenre and secondary themes of your story.

Start Your Story

Create Your Characters

Create the characters that readers will love - or love to hate! Includes Character Types, Definitions, Archetypes and Archetypal Pairings.

Create Your Characters

The Plot Thickens!

During Phase 3, you'll create your story's Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution - plus the Conflict and Tension that will drive each plot point!

Drive Your Story Forward

All the Details

What's a story with great characters and a fascinating plot, without the other details to support them? In Phase 4, you'll create your story's Setting, Dialogue, Narration and Timeframe, plus learn how to research the elements that will make your story believable.

Fill In The Details

Build Your Story

With all the crucial elements in place, how do you piece it all together in one amazing tale? Learn about Scene Studies, Outlines, Sequencing while driving your wordcount up, Up, UP!

Put the Pieces Together

Enhance Your Story

All the pieces are put into place, but there's something more needed. In this program, you'll improve your story and every element. Because a great story isn't just a collection of words. It's a labor of love.

Make Your Story Shine

Self-Editing for Authors

During this program, you'll learn how to spellcheck, proof and edit your story in advance of turning it over to the pros. It's the final stage before you solicit advice ahead of publishing your story.

Dot your I's and Cross your T's

After You Launch Your Story

What comes next? Lift-Off is our secondary program for authors, designed to connect you with beta readers, proofers and editors who will prepare your story for publication. You can also become a contributor and earn money helping other authors!

Available in 4th Quarter 2022

When You're Ready to Publish

Your story will 'Stick the Landing' with affordable self publishing plans at The Write Stuff. We offer easy tutorials, design packages plus the opportunity to actually deliver your story into the hands of readers across North America!

Available in 2023